Welcome to my land full of emotions and beautiful souls!

I am a destination wedding photographer based in Bucharest, Romania, but I am available for any type of event around the world because I freakin love to travel and explore other cultures.

So far, I photographed couples in Lisbon (Portugal), Taj Mahal (India), Venice (Italy), London (England), Frankfurt (Germany), and of course, all corners of Romania.

ovidiu oni phorographer

I’m Ovidiu Oni and my heart belongs to Bucovina, the north side of Romania. I’m here to offer you the coolest, full of good vibes experience you can have with your loved ones. It doesn’t matter what religion, beliefs, or orientation you have. I love diversity, and you will receive respect, understanding, love and patience from my side.

I don’t want to be a simple service provider, but a friend who will be there with you at the most important event in your life and bring joy to the photographs we will take together. It’s so nice that we can freeze our smiles in pictures and show them to our friends and grandchildren. And if you and your partner love adventure, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s think of the best ideas together. To discover more about me, enter here: